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Our People

TSB is an independent think tank and advisor, advancing sustainable leadership and corporate governance.​

We were founded as a non-profit organisation and still focus on providing research and insights that are trustworthy and decision useful.

TSB Global Advisors prepares boards for systemic changes by closing sustainability governance and leadership gaps through unique intelligence and advice.

Every engagement is led by an executive advisor and supported by a senior advisor panel - all globally respected authorities in their field.

Executive Advisor, TSB Global Advisors

Executive Director, The Sustainability Board

Former Corporate VP and Consulting Leader

Senior Advisor

Chair, Non-Executive Director, Leadership Coach, Sustainability Champion

Former Banking Executive

Senior Advisor

Governance Expert, World Economic Forum

Former Global Head of Corporate Governance, Baker McKenzie

Senior Advisor

Director, Institute for Sustainable Family Business

Former Executive of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Senior Advisor

CEO, The Cantellus Group

ABA Task Force on the Law and Artificial Intelligence

Senior Advisor

Executive in Residence, NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs

Former CEO of Disaster Recovery Institute International

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