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New Realities

The below issues are a reflection of what we regularly hear from our engagement with non-executive directors, chairs, senior executives, and other advisors.

Concerns vary by industry and by the specific role of the decision maker.

Do any of these sound familiar? We provide more context and reading recommendations for each item.

"Can’t find directors with relevant sustainability skills"

"Board does not have a baseline of sustainability knowledge"

The BCG-INSEAD Board ESG Pulse Check

Directors Can Up Their Game on ESG Issues

"Investor frustration with lack of coherent sustainability governance"

"As a director, the risk of personal litigation is increasing"

"Overwhelming advisor landscape for many different systemic issues"

World Economic Forum

Global Risks Report 20204

"Board is not unified on all aspects of ESG oversight"

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

ESG Preparedness of Boards for 2024

"Rise of stakeholder challenges and dissidents"

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Business Disruption From the Inside Out

"Inability to challenge management on sustainability strategy"

"Insufficient engagement with stakeholders"

"Stagnant or failing ESG operationalisation efforts"

"Competitors trade at a premium due to higher sustainability sentiment"

Abstract Curves

Sustainable Leadership: Evolving Roles of Corporate Boards

Request access to our complimentary micro credential. This course includes 2 full lessons from Module 3 - Governance of the CPD accredited Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate.


The learning outcome is to understand fundamentals of sustainable strategy oversight, and review the traditional board paradigm and evolved accountability of board directors.

Self-paced online


Access and content available for 4 weeks


2 full lessons


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Course Details

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