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The Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Programme & Certificate

The essential guide to senior leadership level ESG mastery - Comprehensive, Concise, and Contextual.​

Current and aspiring Non-Executive Directors (NED) and Chairs

Upskill or update for ESG oversight

Aspiring or newly appointed Sustainability Committee Chairs

Structure issues and sustainability governance 

CEOs, Presidents and Owners

Implement and operationalise ESG strategy

Enterprise ESG and Sustainability
Senior Leaders

Understand sustainable leadership challenges and opportunities

Advisors (Law Firms, Leadership, Board & Management Consultants)

Stay abreast of current sustainable leadership best practice

Academics & NGO/NPOs Leaders

Insights into business leaders' challenges and opportunities around sustainability

Who will benefit from the Programme?

Why it is Important


of board directors have a formal ESG credential only


The Sustainability Board


of CEOs are implementing sustainability strategies across their entire business




of CEOs indicate that their current ESG progress is not strong enough to withstand scrutiny



of boards have sufficient ESG competence and experience to challenge management



This course is your essential guide to senior leadership level ESG mastery – Comprehensive, Concise, and Contextual.


It aims to enhance your personal capacity to better lead a sustainable business.

The course equips with the foundational knowledge needed to implement robust sustainability and ESG strategies and transformations.


It is designed to apply in a management and governance context.

We now also offer this course on a foundation level, completely self paced, without assignments and live sessions for more flexibility.

The Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC)

Full Programme Key Facts

  • Self-paced online with regular deadlines

  • 22-28 hours over 5 weeks

  • Course platform access for 8 weeks

  • 14 renowned faculty members

  • 4 graded assignments

  • Comprehensive certification and traceable online badge awarded on successful completion

  • 4 interactive live sessions per membership year drawing on the course narrative

  • CPD accredited

  • 6 cohort date options in 2024 (see brochure for details)

Next Cohorts:

  • 8th of May

  • 3rd of July

Course Only (Foundation Level Certificate)

  • Self-paced online with 8 weeks access

  • 16-20 hours flexibly during course access

  • 14 renowned faculty members

  • Foundation level certification and traceable online badge awarded on successful completion

  • Sporadic invites to live sessions, if spaces are available 

  • CPD accredited

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
Nature, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Magnitude of AI and Business Case

Sustainability Issues and High Impacts

Week 1-2 (8-10 hours including assignment)

Understand the core sustainability issues and systemic changes to business and society.


  1. Introduction and Definition of Sustainability

  2. Climate Change

  3. Nature & Biodiversity

  4. Human Rights

  5. AI & Emerging Technology

  6. Geopolitics & Conflict

  7. Equality/Equity, Diversity & Inclusion


All you need to know about sustainable business and leadership in approximately 25 hours of course duration.

The foundational level is approximately 6-8 hours less.

Our Faculty of Experts

Jeannette Lichner

Jeannette Lichner

Chair, Non-Executive Director, Senior Advisor/Mentor/Coach, and Sustainability Champion

Dr Renard Siew

Dr Renard Siew

Head of Corporate Sustainability, Yinson

WEF Expert Network Member Global Future Council

Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben

Author, Educator, and Environmentalist

Founder & Third Act

Zaneta Sedilekova

Zaneta Sedilekova

Biodiversity and Climate Risk Lawyer

CEO, Planet Law Lab

Phil Bloomer

Phil Bloomer

Executive Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Karen Silverman

Karen Silverman

CEO, The Cantellus Group

WEF Global AI Council, Global Innovator, and Experts Network

Heather Neeman

Heather Neeman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Luminae Group

National Security, Foreign Policy and Law Advisor

Laura Liswood

Laura Liswood

Secretary General, Council of Women World Leaders 

Former Managing Director & Senior Advisor, Goldman Sachs 

Halla Tomasdottir

Halla Tomasdottir

CEO, The B Team

Dr Pamela Ravasio

Dr Pamela Ravasio

Leadership Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Author
INED Polygiene AB, Shirahime, INSEAD IDP-C

Michael Reed

Michael Reed

Sustainability Advisor

Former CEO of RBC Singapore Branch, Royal Bank of Canada

Beatriz Araujo

Beatriz Araujo

WEF Governance Expert

Former Head of Corporate Governance, Baker & McKenzie

Patrick Dunne OBE

Patrick Dunne OBE

Chair of Boardelta, The EY Foundation and ESSA- Education Sub

Saharan Africa

Frederik Otto

Frederik Otto

Founder, Executive Director, The Sustainability Board

An accredited, traceable and validated certificate

A certified online badge

What you will Earn

Showcase your credentials in any official materials and LinkedIn

Sustainability Governance

8th of February 2024

16.00 UTC


Sonia Tatar, Executive Director

INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre & INSEAD Wendel International Centre for Family Enterprise


Julia Hayhoe, Non-Executive Director & Independent Board Advisor

Meeting Synopsis

Materiality, Standards and the Future of Disclosures

16th of May 2024
15.00 UTC


Paul Druckman, Chairman World Benchmarking Alliance and Non-Executive Chairman and Director of organisations in multiple sectors

Veronica Poole, Vice Chair of Deloitte UK and Global IFRS and Corporate Reporting Leader 

Meeting Synopsis

AI, Regulation and Governance

5th of September 2024

15.00 UTC


Karen Silverman, CEO The Cantellus Group, WEF Global AI Council, Global Innovator, and Experts Network

2nd speaker TBA soon

Tools for Sustainable Strategy

7th of November 2024

16.00 UTC

To be announced soon

Live Sessions and Roundtables

We host 4 highly interactive live sessions/roundtables per annum featuring changing speakers. These are only available to programme members.

Key Benefits

Sustainable Leadership Profile Screen

Sustainable Leadership Profile Screen

We provide you with valuable insights into the ESG engagement and disclosure quality of your online profile.

Using our ESG engagement checklist as the foundational methodology, we can customise our assessment to hone in on particular areas of interest.

Follow-up​ and Thought Leadership

Follow-Up Resources​ ​

At that time we will discuss the results from your Sustainable Leadership profile screening and design an action plan for future steps. We will also help you to position your thought leadership and advise on more effective LinkedIn use.

Sustainable Leadership Development Add-on

Who is this for?

Our Sustainable Leadership Development Add-on is tailored to equip executives and board directors with essential sustainable leadership skills and the capacity to effectively implement and oversee ESG agendas.

We will aid in personal leadership transformation and facilitate a peer mentoring session through our network of Senior Advisors.

Individual Programme
12 months membership
+VAT if applicable
Other currencies available on request
  • Earn the Comprehensive Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC), through our self-paced 25 hour executive education course

  • Quarterly virtual interactive roundtables with sustainability domain experts

  • Indefinite alumni status


Course Only
(Foundation Level Certificate)
+VAT if applicable
Other currencies available on request
  • Earn the Foundation-Level Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC), with increased flexibility outside of fixed cohorts 

  • Same course content as the full programme, excluding assignments and live sessions

  • Indefinite alumni status


Leadership Development

+VAT if applicable
Other currencies available on request
  • 3 Advisory Sessions:

Fundamentals in preparedness, peer mentoring session, follow-up and action plan with TSB

  • Thought Leadership and public profile advice, including LinkedIn optimisation


Custom & Corporate


On request
  • Private SLPC cohorts

  • Discounts for multiple seats in the programme

  • Custom modules and lessons

  • Custom live lectures and roundtables

  • Advisory services

Programme Membership Overview

Programme Overview

Staying ahead on sustainability and ESG strategies is crucial for the long-term success and viability of any organisation. Executive and board leaders have a special responsibility to stay abreast of these considerations and lead from the top.

The Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Programme (SLPP) is our new membership programme designed to advance sustainable leadership and corporate governance.

The programme includes the Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC), the essential guide to senior leadership level ESG Mastery - Comprehensive, Concise, and Contextual.

The certificate course is now also available standalone.

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