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The Institute for Sustainable Family Business (ISFB) is a new pioneering initiative by The Sustainability Board.

Our mission is to empower family business-owners, executives, and boards with the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary to lead the charge in sustainable business and governance.

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3rd of January 2024

Inaugural Cohort

Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate

Jeannette Lichner

January 2024

New Report

World's Most Future Ready Boards 2024

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Family business owners and leaders have a unique opportunity to drive impact beyond philanthropy by using their businesses as a vehicle to create a legacy of sustainability and impact.

Family Businesses are uniquely positioned to take a leadership role in a new paradigm of doing business.

At the new Institute for Sustainable Family Business our approach is to provide research, insights and programmes designed to integrate sustainable practices seamlessly into the unique dynamics of family businesses.

I invite you to download our new report and request access to our complementary micro credential: Introduction to Sustainable Family Business.

Michael Reed

Director, Institute for Sustainable Family Business

Senior Advisor, The Sustainability Board

Our New Report

Our special report on publicly traded family businesses in 2020 revealed that sustainability oversight was lagging behind in comparison to our default sample of the Top 100 Forbes 2000 which contains mainly non-family businesses. However, directors on family boards were twice as likely to be engaged on sustainability than those in our default sample.


Fast forward to 2024 and we find three key themes that have evolved.

3 Key Findings

The world’s largest family businesses’

  • Have raced to align their boards for sustainability oversight

  • Directors were engaged early in sustainability and have now reached an apparent engagement ceiling

  • Individual board leadership in sustainability is significantly more gender equal than in non-family businesses

Recommendations & Risks


  • Family members on the board

  • Controlling family members off the board

  • CEOs or executive directors part of the family

  • Non-executive directors and non-family members on the board

  • CEOs or executive directors not part of the family

Previous Report

Family Business Special Report 2020

This Special Report finds that family-owned businesses, irrespective of their industry, are better equipping themselves for present and future challenges by building their boards with expertise and experience in sustainability.

Introduction to Sustainable Family Business
Micro Credential

This micro credential includes 1 full lessons from Module 2 - Leadership, Business Models, and Strategy of the CPD accredited Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate.


Learning Outcome: 

Understand the specific attributes of family-controlled companies and their unique opportunity to lead on sustainable business.

Includes an introduction to the UN SDGs.

Who will benefit from the Course?

  • Independent Directors and Board Chairs serving in Family Businesses

  • Executive Leaders in Family Businesses

  • Family Members who are part of the business or who control it

  • Family Business Advisors

Support Us

We are on a mission to create a more sustainable and responsible future, and we need your support to scale our efforts.


With your help, we can produce more insightful reports and thought leadership, engage a wider range of stakeholders and beneficiaries, and offer more programmes.


Your donation will help us fund staff and operating expenses to advance our work.


We are currently focused to develop the following initiatives:

  • Open-source database (Funding required)

  • Multiple Webinars

  • In-person and virtual roundtables (Funding required)

  • A conference to produce a position paper and handbook on Leadership of ESG (Funding required)

  • Toolkits and frameworks


Join us in our efforts to drive impactful leadership, and harness business to achieve a sustainable future.

Frederik Otto
Opportunities for Sustainable Leadership
Best-in-class course platform
What you will earn

Key Facts

  • Self-paced online

  • Access and content available for 2 weeks

  • 1 full lesson

  • 1 - 1.5 hours in total learning time

  • Includes videos, readings, reflections, and external resources

  • Receive a traceable online credential upon completion

  • Completely free when invited

  • We're offering this course to people who we believe will get value from it.


  • The Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC) is the essential guide to senior leadership level ESG mastery – Comprehensive, Concise, and Contextual.


    It aims to enhance personal capacity to better lead a sustainable business.

    The course equips with the foundational knowledge needed to implement robust sustainability and ESG strategies and transformations.


    The course is designed to apply in a management and governance context, and is part of the Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Programme.


  • If we have enrolled you in the micro credential, you are not committed to anything.

    We want you to be part of The Sustainability Boards' network and appreciate any insights from your own context.


    We would also be delighted to discuss if we can help your board in any way through our TSB Global Advisors arm.


  • Please click the button on the bottom of this page to send an email to our programme help desk.


  • We encourage you to promote your badge. You will also receive a trace link that validates the credential to 3rd parties.



Do you have any questions?

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