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About Us

The Sustainability Board Report is an independent not-for-profit project.

We aim to showcase different dimensions of sustainable leadership and corporate governance. By developing best practice and thought leadership, our reports help individual leaders, organisations and investors to understand the changing landscape of environmental, social and governance (ESG) preparedness, consciousness and competence.

Our findings and research are based on proprietary methodologies. Before drawing conclusions, we take academic papers and thought leadership into account. We aim to combine theoretic concepts with actionable recommendations on business level.


Frederik Otto
Founder & Business Advisor

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Tias van Moorsel
Sustainability Advisor


Nicolas Alexander
Policy Advisor


Helena Gudjonsdottir
Project Manager


Selected Contributors

Helle Bank Jørgensen
Competent Boards

Jeannette Lichner
Non-Executive Director, Senior Advisor, Executive Coach

Patricia Rodrigues Jenner
Non-Executive Director, Investment and ESG Specialist
Legal & General Assurance Society, AERIF, GLIL Infrastructure, AIIM

Susan Hooper
Chair, Non-Executive Director, Founding Director
Chapter Zero

Professor Mike Rosenberg
Professor of the Practice of Management
IESE Business School

Dr. Pamela Ravasio
Executive Management and Board Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Author, INED
Shirahime, Polygiene, INSEAD IDN

Marga Hoek
Board Advisor, Non-Executive Director, Speaker & Author
Thinkers 50

Rachael De Renzy Channer
Global Head of Sustainability
Egon Zehnder

We are operating in a dynamic ecosystem of guest contributions and advice. Please contact us if you would like to join the conversation, or register your interest here.

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