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Our purpose is to inspire sustainable corporate leadership, promote accountability, and motivate businesses to take actions for social equality and a healthy planet. We believe that poor leadership is a systemic risk, and that business is a powerful vehicle for positive change. As such, we aim to guide companies towards building their corporate strategies around sustainability and ESG factors, with effective governance by their board of directors.

We have created a logic model below to illustrate our operations.

Logic Model

  • Research and advisory capabilities

  • Experienced advisors and staff

  • Financial resources

  • Partnerships and collaborations

  • Conduct research on sustainable corporate leadership and ESG factors

  • Publish insights and thought leadership including podcast

  • Host webinars and events to educate and engage stakeholders

  • Provide intelligence services to investors, corporate board directors, and business leaders, and other stakeholders

  • Reports on sustainable corporate leadership

  • Webinars and events for stakeholder education and engagement

  • Articles and insights for public dissemination

  • Press coverage and citations of reports

  • Advisory recommendations for investors, corporate board directors, and business leaders

  • Podcast series

  • Improved understanding and awareness of sustainable corporate leadership and ESG engagement

  • Increased adoption of sustainable strategy implementation by businesses

  • Improved governance and accountability of corporate board directors

  • Businesses contribute to a more sustainable future

  • Positive societal impact in all business endeavors

  • Positive impact on social equality and the environment

How Are We Different?

At TSBR we work closely with businesses and their stakeholders to develop new narratives and provide high-quality data and research. We speak truth to power and confront the enormous challenges facing us on the path to a sustainable future, as defined by the UN and net zero targets. Our methodologies ensure accountability and drive progress towards a better world.

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