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Our purpose is to advance sustainable corporate leadership and governance, promote accountability, and motivate businesses to take actions for a sustainable future. We believe that business is a powerful vehicle for positive change. As such, we guide companies towards building their corporate strategies around sustainability and ESG factors, with effective governance by their board of directors.

We were founded as a non-profit organisation and still focus on providing research and insights that are trustworthy and decision useful to a wide audience of stakeholders.

We have created a logic model below to illustrate our operations.

Logic Model

  • Donated time of experienced advisors and senior advisors

  • Staff

  • Sponsorships

  • Partnerships and collaborations

  • Corporate & Individual membership dues

  • Fees from advisory services and report sponsorships

  • Conduct research on sustainable corporate leadership with focus on governance, strategy implementation and ESG operationalisation

  • Publish insights and thought leadership including podcast

  • Host webinars and events to educate and engage stakeholders

  • Provide intelligence services to investors, corporate board directors, business leaders, and other stakeholders

  • Research on sustainable corporate leadership

    • Annual TSB flagship report

    • Periodical special reports

    • Best practice

    • Scenarios

  • Webinars, roundtables and other events 

  • Articles and insights for public dissemination

  • Advisory recommendations for investors, corporate board directors, and business leaders

  • Educational programmes to enhance sustainable leadership readiness

  • 'Leadership Conversations by TSB' podcast

  • Improve executives, board directors, and advisors' understanding and awareness of sustainable corporate leadership and ESG

  • Increased leadership accountability

  • Increase adoption of sustainable strategy implementation and ESG operationalisation by businesses

  • Improve corporate boards' sustainability governance policy and oversight 

  • Enhance organisations' sustainability footprint in operations, products and services

  • Structurally integrate businesses into communities' sustainability efforts

  • Higher social equality and decreased negative environmental externalities

  • Adoption of sustainability practices through personal leadership capacity 

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