Our purpose is to showcase different dimensions of sustainable corporate leadership to motivate businesses to take actions for social equality and a healthy planet.

We believe that business is a powerful vehicle to drive change. We ultimately seek businesses to make a positive societal impact in all their endeavours. Businesses need to commit to build their corporate strategy around sustainability or ESG factors and govern the progress by the board of directors.

We support various stakeholders in their sustainability and ESG journeys with useful best practice and thought leadership. We collaborate with business leaders, board advisors and academia to create meaningful, actionable, and potent narratives.

Please view our logic model below for a better understanding of our structure and impact.


We strive to build partnerships with other non- and for-profit organisations to further proliferate output and scale our impact.


TSBR is also currently building a structured contributor network, providing a platform to enable knowledge sharing. 

Please contact us if you would like to join the conversation, or register your interest here.

Logic Model

A logic model is the business plan of a non-profit organisation. We publicly disclose our logic model below to provide a better understanding of our purpose and activities. 

TSBR's current focus is to improve our organisation's measurement of operational impact.


Corporate policy

Dialogues with business leaders, board directors, advisors and academia

Collecting and interpreting relevant  data on corporate sustainability leadership

Building a knowledge platform of and for external contributors and advisors


Thought Leadership and best practice on ESG business leadership and corporate governance

Annual ‘The Sustainability Board Report’

Special reports on varying current issues and thought leadership

Regular leadership interview series

Articles and editorials by the advisory team


Foster core strategic adoption of corporate sustainability best practice

Increase business stakeholder's awareness of BoD ESG preparedness

Increase business leaders’ and BoD ESG preparedness and competence


Website, social media and relevant online forums

Leadership and corporate governance forums, NGO platforms and events

Webinars/Roundtables/ Keynotes/Presentations

Other partnerships and memberships


Core and Senior Advisory team

External contributors: business leaders, board directors, advisors and academia

Formal partnerships