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adelaide levassor

Adélaïde Levassor

Strategy Advisor

Paris, France

Adélaïde Levassor is the founder of Novo Ergo Sum, a consultancy specializing in executive advisory services. With a client base ranging from Fortune Global 500 companies to non-profit organisations, she provides strategic guidance to senior leaders, empowering them to achieve their business goals and multifaceted agendas.

Alongside her consultancy work, Adélaïde imparts her knowledge of business strategy as a lecturer at Sorbonne University. She takes a special interest in differentiation strategy, as well as the ways in which organizations build competitive edges to dominate their market. An advocate of entrepreneurship, Adélaïde mentors startups and has previously served as an advisor at Wework Lab in Paris and Buenos Aires.

An engineer by training, Adélaïde has cultivated a distinguished career spanning industry, consulting, and entrepreneurship across the US, South America, and Europe. Her versatility allows her to thrive in diverse and dynamic environments. With Novo Ergo Sum, Adélaïde explores the intersection of consulting and innovation, constantly seeking new ways to help leaders win.

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November 2023

Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

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