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We prepare boards for systemic changes by closing sustainability governance and leadership gaps through unique intelligence and advice.

Navigating new realities

What used to be singular issues like climate change and diversity has become a long list of fragmented risks significantly impacting future relevance of businesses and organisational integrity.

Corporate leaders are challenged by stakeholders and their own purpose to effectively navigate issues we call CHANGE factors: Climate, Human Rights, AI, Nature, Geopolitics, Equality, all in the context of an uncertain economic environment.

We help boards and management teams to create preparedness for these factors harnessing sustainability governance and leadership.

Sustainability Governance Advisory

Uncover and close gaps in sustainability governance structure to give boards robust oversight.

Finding Leaders

Find the right directors and advisors, adept in a specific area of sustainability = CHANGE. We also build advisory boards to tackle industry specific and niche issues.

Executive and Board Education

Increase board directors’ and executive leaders’ personal capabilities to monitor and implement sustainable strategy.

Our Advice

Establishing compliance with stakeholders and shareholders' stewardship expectations.

Improved defence against dissidents and enhanced preparedness for emerging risks.

Creating cohesion between various approaches to sustainability, systemic risk, technology and strategic intent.

Become a better system as a board that is confident to challenge and defend sustainable strategy.

Our Impact

Abstract Architecture

How We Help

All our advice is bespoke. To structure our approach we work of established and mostly proprietary frameworks and intelligence.

Our output includes reports, benchmarks, strategies, presentations, workshops and one-on-one advice and recommendations.

Board policies and documentation review

Sustainability strategy and board policy alignment

Stakeholder engagement framework

Board composition and skills review

Sustainability governance stress test

Peer comparison and benchmarks

Assess & Improve

Sustainability Governance

Director and committee chair search & succession

Expert advisor/consultant search

Building advisory boards/groups


Transformative Leaders

Sustainable leadership executive and board education custom and on-demand

Senior expert presentations and workshops

Access our senior advisor network

Private roundtables


Leadership Capabilities

Ethical AI governance assessment and benchmark TBA soon

Emerging Technology
Risk Benchmark

Developed from the widely endorsed think tank, now a global benchmark on board’s sustainability engagement. We have a unique setup with research and intelligence capabilities built over 5 years.

HOLO - Our proprietary intelligence platform

Research based advice and data driven insights.

Our proprietary database Holo, holds tens of thousands of quality data points on sustainability governance and pre-vetted directors.

World class advisory board and senior leader network. We regularly engage with Non-Executive Directors and Chairs from leading businesses.

Thought leader in sustainable board leadership and research, as well as being an advisor to advisors.

Why TSB Global Advisors?

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