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TSB's work featured for the fifth time in Harvard Law School's Forum on Corporate Governance

Harvard Law
Photo credit: Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

On Sunday the 26th of May 2024 the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance has featured The Sustainability Board's (TSB) latest report: Sustainability Board Preparedness in Large Public Family Businesses.

The report is the first research of the new Institute for Sustainable Family Business at TSB. The foreword was co-authored by Executive Director Frederik Otto and the institute's Director and Senior Advisor Michael Reed, a former executive of Royal Bank of Canada.

tsb harvard law
"Our continuous features on the prestigious Corporate Governance forum of the world's most prominent law school is a testament to the high quality work of The Sustainability Board" says Otto.

Otto notes: "Although TSB does not have a focus on the legal interpretation of director's duties or corporate law, we see lots of interest from lawyers and legal advisors to understand sustainability issues better and how they affect corporate decision making.

More newly discussed topics such as biodiversity loss, AI, geopolitics and the boards's oversight of such issues will be an area of growing interest."

TSB is committed to inform and improve sustainable leadership and corporate governance through research, thought leadership, educational programmes, and advise.


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