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Welcome to the new TSBR

TSBR continues to be an independent, non-profit initiative aimed at highlighting various aspects of sustainable leadership and corporate governance. Our reports, intelligence, and conversations aim to drive accountability for a sustainable future.

We have undergone a small makeover and now work in three dedicated workstreams:

Our Research & Policy Centre reports and promotes sustainable practices in leadership and governance, including ESG engagement of boards. This is the home of our popular annual report on boards' ESG preparedness and other research, as well as the core of our organisation.

We share insights and perspectives on the latest trends and issues in sustainable leadership, corporate governance, and ESG engagement. Our podcast features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders, while our articles and opinion pieces provide in-depth analysis and commentary on key topics. Expect more webinars to come out shortly too.

Our new Intelligence unit provides customised research and analysis to help stakeholders assess organisations' performance as it relates to their sustainability commitments and ensure accountability.

Our work is rooted in addressing the pressing issue of the challenges of greenwashing and inadequate sustainability strategy implementation and oversight.

We're now open for donations and welcome your contribution

We are on a mission to create a more sustainable and responsible future, and we need your support to scale our efforts.

With your help, we can produce more insightful reports and thought leadership, engage a wider range of stakeholders and beneficiaries, and offer more programmes.

Your donation will help us fund staff and operating expenses to advance our work.

  • We are currently focused to develop the following initiatives:

  • Open-source database (Funding required)

  • Multiple Webinars

  • In-person and virtual roundtables (Funding required)

  • A conference to produce a position paper and handbook on Leadership of ESG (Funding required)

  • Toolkits and frameworks

Join us in our efforts to drive impactful leadership, and harness business to achieve a sustainable future.

Engage our new Intelligence Unit

We offer comprehensive assessments of sustainable business activities, board of director E&S governance, and sustainable strategy implementation. We provide recommendations how to improve ESG engagement and overall sustainability performance.​

Following services are currently available:

  • Outside/In Board Assessment. Tailored report on ESG preparedness for publicly listed company boards

  • ESG preparedness assessment for private companies

  • Peer comparison

  • Searches and reports on individual director’s online disclosure

  • Mapping of ESG engaged directors

  • ‘Laggard Reports’ for lawmakers and activist investors​

All fee income from our iTSBR services are reinvested into our non-profit research work.

Save the Date for a new Webinar:

The Implications of AI to Corporate Governance

Thursday, May 11th 2023, 10am ET / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the business landscape in ways that were once thought impossible. As AI adoption continues to grow, boards of directors are facing new challenges and responsibilities in governing its use within their organisations. With the potential for AI to significantly impact a company's reputation, financial performance, and regulatory compliance, boards can no longer afford to ignore its implications.

We are hosting a webinar, where we'll explore the critical questions that boards must address to ensure that AI is used ethically, responsibly, and for the betterment of their organisations. Join us as we examine the board's role in governing the business use of AI.

Sign-Up invitations will be sent next week.


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