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We are an independent think tank, supporting sustainable leadership and corporate governance with reports, intelligence, dialogues, and community.


We aim to drive accountability for a sustainable future.

Upcoming Events

23rd of November


Road to COP28 - The UN Climate Change Conference hosted by the UAE

1st of November

TSB Membership

Launch of our new corporate and individual membership

30rd of November

New Report

Public release of The Sustainability Board Report 2023

Research & Policy Centre

World's Most Future Ready Boards

We have created the ‘World’s Most Future Ready Board’ ranking to highlight ESG-prepared boards of directors that are resilient and able to respond to material sustainability issues. Businesses that have not yet achieved this level of good corporate governance can use the Top 10 as role models to prepare for the future. We provide a detailed view of each company and what drives their scores.

board meeting

Thought Leadership

Catch up on our latest thought leadership

We cover a range of topics, from sustainability, ESG, investing, climate change, diversity to emerging technology and systemic risk. We feature leading experts and practitioners in those fields. Whether you're a board director, business leader, investor, policymaker, or academic, our events provide a valuable opportunity to learn, connect, and share insights with a diverse community of professionals.

You can now catch-up on past webinars and events for which recordings are availble.

Upcoming Events

iTSBR Intelligence

Our new Intelligence unit provides customised research and analysis to help stakeholders assess organisations' performance as it relates to their sustainability commitments and ensure accountability.

3rd of August

Leadership Conversations Live: ​Building a Sustainability Culture

Paul Washington of The Conference Board and Srinand Yalamanchili of Baker Tilly will talk to us about their new report. They will provide insights into the importance of linking sustainability to the company's business strategy, creating a sense of ownership among employees, and using a variety of methods to motivate progress. This special event of our Leadership Conversations Podcast will feature a live Q&A.

Thought Leadership

We share insights and perspectives on the latest trends and issues in sustainable leadership, corporate governance, and ESG engagement. Our podcast features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders, while our articles and opinion pieces provide in-depth analysis and commentary on key topics. 

Research & Policy Centre

Annual Global ESG Preparedness Assessment

TSBR releases an annual report on ESG preparedness of corporate Board of Directors of the world’s largest 100 publicly listed companies.

In 2022 we released our report’s fifth edition, tracking a global snapshot of boards and directors’ ESG engagement. We were delighted to collaborate with Egon Zehnder on this publication, which previews the 2022 report’s key findings and combines them with Egon Zehnder’s own research and insights.

Thought Leadership

Insights & News

Support Us

We are on a mission to create a more sustainable and responsible future, and we need your support to scale our efforts.


With your help, we can produce more insightful reports and thought leadership, engage a wider range of stakeholders and beneficiaries, and offer more programmes.


Your donation will help us fund staff and operating expenses to advance our work.


We are currently focused to develop the following initiatives:

  • Open-source database (Funding required)

  • Multiple Webinars

  • In-person and virtual roundtables (Funding required)

  • A conference to produce a position paper and handbook on Leadership of ESG (Funding required)

  • Toolkits and frameworks


Join us in our efforts to drive impactful leadership, and harness business to achieve a sustainable future.

We offer comprehensive assessments of sustainable business activities, board of director E&S governance, and sustainable strategy implementation. We provide recommendations how to improve ESG engagement and overall sustainability performance.​

Following services are currently available:


  • Outside/In Board Assessment. Tailored report on ESG preparedness for publicly listed company boards

  • ESG preparedness assessment for private companies 

  • Peer comparison

  • Searches and reports on individual director’s online disclosure

  • Mapping of ESG engaged directors

  • ‘Laggard Reports’ for lawmakers and activist investors​


iTSBR Intelligence

Engage our new Intelligence Unit

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