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TSBR releases first ever rank list of the world’s most future ready boards

TSBR has created the ‘World’s Most Future Ready Boards 2022’ ranking of the world's largest companies' environmental, social and governance (ESG) board preparedness. More than ever, boards of directors are under immense pressure from multiple stakeholders and shareholders to be resilient and able to respond to material sustainability issues. TSBR’s ranking highlights the global leaders, with a few surprises including one country’s businesses leading the way.

They hope that this ranking will inspire and motivate other businesses to draw out valuable best practice and improve.

The TSBR ranking approach uses a set of proprietary data points and has been reviewed by a panel of independent experts composed of Non-Executive Directors, corporate governance advisors and business educators.

Live webinar on the 9th of March at 10 am ET / 3 pm GMT / 4 pm CET / 11 pm SGT

In this launch event TSBR will provide a closer look at their approach to ranking and scoring, and share some best practice (15 minutes).

This will be followed by a panel discussion between 4 influential independent directors and educators, to discuss ways to implement more sustainability consciousness and competence in the boardroom (45 minutes).

Interested individuals can sign-up for the webinar here.

About TSBR

The Sustainability Board Report is an independent not-for-profit project.

​TSBR aims to showcase different dimensions of sustainable business leadership and corporate governance. By drawing out best practice, their reports also help individual leaders, organisations, and investors to understand the changing landscape of ESG preparedness, consciousness, and competence.

Contact Details

Helena Gudjonsdottir, Project Manager,

Frederik Otto, Founder & Business Advisor,

Interested parties can request a media kit.


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