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TSBR Newsletter July 2023

Dear Follower,

Last month, we hosted a webinar on the impact of biodiversity loss and the depletion of natural capital to corporate governance and ESG. The event was a fascinating conversation that produced foundational guidance for board directors on how to move forward on this topic.

Our three expert panelists were Robert Walker, Sustainability Policy Manager at the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN); Julie Nash, Senior Director of the Food and Forests Program at Ceres, and Jenni Ramos, Lawyer Corporate/Finance and Biodiversity at the Commonwealth Climate and Law Initiative (CCLI).




The Conference Board Sustainability Culture Deeply Embedded in Just 13% of Firms The report, Building a Sustainability Culture, by The Conference Board and Baker Tilly, found that only 13% of executives say sustainability is deeply embedded into their company culture. Most companies are at the early to middle stages of building a sustainability culture, with 49% saying it is moderately embedded and 37% saying it is slightly embedded. The report provides insights into how companies can build a sustainability culture, including the importance of linking sustainability to the company's business strategy, creating a sense of ownership among employees, and using a variety of methods to motivate progress.

EY How can effective governance unlock value from sustainability? A new report by EY found that companies with effective sustainability governance are more likely to achieve their sustainability goals and deliver long-term value. The report also found that there is still a long way to go in terms of sustainability governance, and that companies need to focus on board dynamics, remuneration, and reporting in order to create a more systematic, accountable, and authentic approach to sustainability.

Chatham House Preparing NATO for climate-related security challenges A research paper by Chatham House finds that climate change is a security threat that NATO cannot ignore. The report outlines a number of ways that NATO can adapt to the impacts of climate change, including strengthening its political and institutional structures, its mechanisms for anticipating climate risks, and its operational resilience. The report also calls on NATO to address its own carbon footprint and work with allies to reduce and report on their military emissions.

Leadership Conversations by TSBR

Andrew Behar on sustainable shareholder advocacy

In this episode we speak with Andrew Behar, the CEO of As You Sow, the United States’ leading non-profit practitioner of shareholder advocacy and engagement. We talk about how As You Sow engages with boards and management teams on issues like climate change; toxins in the food system; ocean plastics; diversity, equity, and inclusion; racial justice; and wage equity.

TSBR Webinar Nature in the Boardroom – Implications of Biodiversity Loss for Corporate Governance The webinar began with a discussion of the profound implications that biodiversity loss and the depletion of natural capital have for our society. The speakers highlighted the fact that these issues are not just environmental concerns, but also social, economic and legal concerns. They also discussed the challenges that businesses face in reconciling profit-driven operations with their responsibility to protect and preserve the very environment that sustains us all.

iTSBR Intelligence

Our new Intelligence Unit provides customised research and analysis

We create custom reports and analysis to assess organisations' sustainability commitments and approach to accountability. These tailored assessments include recommendations, market comaprisons and scores with an emphasis on ESG strategy, leadership, and governance.

Our reports are useful as additional inputs for board effectiveness exercises, audits, investor analysis and ESG performance assessments beyond traditional ESG ratings.


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