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Launch of the Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Programme

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Staying ahead on sustainability and ESG strategies is crucial for the long-term success and viability of any organisation. Executive and board leaders have a special responsibility to stay on top of these considerations and lead from the top.


Over the last five years The Sustainability Board has been dedicated to promoting sustainable leadership and corporate governance through insightful reports, expert discussions, intelligence, and community. 


Our work has been recognised by some of the world’s leading authorities on business and leadership and we’re now making our sustainability, leadership, and governance expertise available to individuals and organisations.

The Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Programme (SLPP) is our new membership programme designed to advance sustainable leadership and corporate governance, developed for executive leaders and non-executive directors and chairs.

The programme includes the Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC), the essential guide to senior leadership level ESG mastery. The course is comprehensive, concise, and contextual and was built to apply in a management and governance context.

Participants will get all they need to know about sustainable business and leadership in approximately 25 hours of duration, and we accompany learners over 12 months with 4 interactive live sessions and roundtables to help them act on their commitments.


On successful completion participants earn The Sustainability Board’s Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate.

Watch the programme trailer below:

Further details about the programme as well as the corporate tier, and leadership development add-on can be found here.


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