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Ravi Chaudhry on taking a 720 degree view of the world

In this episode of 'Leadership Conversations by TSBR' we speak with Ravi Chaudhry, leadership guru and a much sought-after mentor and counsellor. Ravi's singular focus is to foster a new edifice of responsible leadership and responsible entrepreneurship.

It was incredibly insightful to learn about Ravi’s life mission to promote sustainable leadership and discuss how institutions need to take responsibility as participants in society. Ravi takes us through his concept of taking a 720° view and changing the way we think. We also explore the leap forward from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Socially Responsible Corporations (SRC).

Listen to it here:

About Ravi Chaudhry

Ravi Chaudhry is a much sought-after mentor and counsellor, with singular focus to foster a new edifice of responsible leadership and responsible entrepreneurship.

Ravi is a business strategy consultant, mentor to CEOs and corporate Boards and an author. He is a Fellow of World Business Academy, a network of global thought leaders and public intellectuals that represent some of the best and brightest men and women shaping today's global landscape.

Ravi is the founder Chairman of CeNext Consulting and Investment Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, a firm that advises corporations, governments and non-profits on Re-inventing Strategy to cope with Emerging Complexities. His clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, UN Organizations and Governments of Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Norway, Uganda, Austria and Canada. Earlier, he was CEO/Chairman of four companies in Tata Group, India.

He is a mechanical engineer with specialization in business strategy and has worked with clients in over twenty five countries on Strategy Audit & Re-alignment to bridge the gap between performance and potential.

To know more about Mr. Chaudhry visit his website

About 'Leadership Conversations by TSBR'

Leadership Conversations is a podcast by The Sustainability Board Report (TSBR), an independent not-for-profit project. We aim to showcase different dimensions of sustainable business leadership and corporate governance.

In this podcast we interview global leaders who advocate for more positive societal impact and responsible business.

Leadership Conversations is hosted by Frederik Otto and Helena Guðjónsdóttir.


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