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Rachel Youngman on the Power of Science

Join us on this episode of Leadership Conversations as we speak with Rachel Youngman, the deputy CEO at the Institute of Physics. Rachel shares her unconventional career journey, from having worked at the international bar association to leading a science organisation, and how she has dedicated her career to achieving more sustainable outcomes and enabling companies to meet their ESG targets. We delve into Rachel's work in promoting diversity and inclusion in the world of science, including her focus on enabling non-dominant groups and girls to enter the field. Rachel inspires us to take career paths that can make a real difference in the world, and she offers practical insights into the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Listen to the podcast:

About Rachel Youngman

Rachel Youngman is deputy CEO at the Institute of Physics and a sustainability consultant for charities, government departments, and NGOs. With a background in social justice, she enables companies to meet ESG targets by implementing sustainable strategies with diversity and inclusion at their core. She has spearheaded the IOP’s Limit Less campaign, challenging gender stereotypes and encouraging other underrepresented groups into physics and has worked to strengthen international research collaboration between the UK and Africa to continue research into solutions for climate change. Rachel also chairs the board at the black and migrant women’s charity Hibiscus and is a member of the External Advisory Board of the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology.

The IOP's podcast 'Looking Glass: Climate Solutions' that was started by Rachel in 2020 was now nominated for the New York Festivals’ Radio Award.

About 'Leadership Conversations by TSBR' The Sustainability Board Report (TSBR) is an independent, non-profit initiative aimed at highlighting various aspects of sustainable leadership and corporate governance. We are particularly interested how leaders and boards respond to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda of their stakeholder ecosystem.

Leadership Conversations is the podcast by TSBR. In this interview series we interview global leaders who advocate for more positive societal impact and responsible business. Leadership Conversations is hosted by Frederik Otto and Helena Guðjónsdóttir.


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