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Joe Kenner on how brownies provide economic opportunity

In this episode we speak with Joseph Kenner, the president and CEO of the Greyston Bakery and Foundation, a trailblazing B Corporation and pioneers of the Open Hiring movement.

Joe shares how everyone has something to contribute to society and demonstrates how a business can play an important role in providing economic opportunity to marginalised communities. Greyston aims to build a world where individuals are defined by their potential, rather than their circumstances.

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About Joe Kenner

Joe Kenner was named president and CEO of Greyston in April 2020.

Kenner previously served as deputy commissioner at the Westchester County (NY) Department of Social Services, and spent 14 years in corporate America, working in insurance underwriting/risk management, capital markets, and sales strategy. He was first appointed and then twice-elected a Village of Port Chester (NY) Board of Trustee member, and also served as Deputy Mayor of Port Chester. As leader of one of the country’s most well-known social enterprises, Joe frequently shares his expertise on purpose-driven business, and building a more inclusive economy through employment, workforce development, and social services.

He serves on the Board of Directors of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council, the New York City Workforce Investment Board, the B-Team, and is an Advisory Council member of the REDF Impact Investing Fund (RIIF). He has been featured in a variety of local and national media, including Bloomberg, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Forbes, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Quartz and The Journal News.

About 'Leadership Conversations by TSBR'

Leadership Conversations is a podcast by The Sustainability Board Report (TSBR), an independent not-for-profit project. We aim to showcase different dimensions of sustainable business leadership and corporate governance.

In this podcast we interview global leaders who advocate for more positive societal impact and responsible business.

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