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James Purcell on Sustainable Finance

In this episode we speak with James Purcell, Group Head of Sustainable Frameworks at Credit Suisse. He has co-authored a new book called Sustainable Investing in Practice. We talk to James why he wrote the book, what he is trying to achieve, and why sustainable finance shouldn’t be a difficult concept. He explains the dangers of polarisation and the importance of taking an accessible and scale approach to impact. James also expands on ESG data and why he feels for business leaders who are overwhelmed.

Listen to the podcast:

About James Purcell

James Purcell is an author, educator, and expert in sustainable finance and investing. He is the Group Head of Sustainable Frameworks at Credit Suisse, where he coordinates the firm’s approach to sustainable investing and lending. Previously, James headed up the Sustainable, Thematic and Impact Investing division at Quintet Private Bank and was a Managing Director at UBS and Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investments.

He Is a visiting lecturer in Sustainable Finance at the ESCP Business School. He is also the co-author of the new book, Sustainable Investing in Practice, which he wrote with his friend and mentor, Simon Smiles, and is available to purchase now.

About 'Leadership Conversations by TSBR'

Leadership Conversations is a podcast by The Sustainability Board Report (TSBR), an independent not-for-profit project. We aim to showcase different dimensions of sustainable business leadership and corporate governance. In this podcast we interview global leaders who advocate for more positive societal impact and responsible business. Leadership Conversations is hosted by Frederik Otto and Helena Guðjónsdóttir.


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