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Frank White on 'The Overview Effect'

In this episode we speak with Frank White, a space philosopher. Frank has coined the term ‘The Overview effect’ which describes the awe-inspiring experience of viewing the Earth from space. He has found that with great consistency, this experience profoundly affects space travellers’ perceptions of themselves, our world, and our future.

He talks to us about the magnitude of overview effect experiences, sustainable space migration, and why all his narratives aim to create a sustainable future on earth. Frank also suggests we need an 18th UN Sustainable Development Goal: Space.

Listen to the podcast here:

About Frank White

Frank White is an educator, writer, and communications consultant. He has authored or coauthored numerous books on topics ranging from space exploration to artificial intelligence to Zen Buddhism. His best-known work is The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution. He is the co-founder, president, and board chair of The Human Space Program, Inc.

About 'Leadership Conversations by TSB'

The Sustainability Board is an independent non-profit organisation, supporting sustainable leadership and governance through research, thought leadership, and intelligence services.

We believe that poor leadership is a systemic risk, and that business is a powerful vehicle for positive change. Our reports, intelligence, dialogues, and community aim to drive accountability for a sustainable future.

Leadership Conversations is the podcast of TSB. In this interview series we interview global leaders who advocate for more positive societal impact and responsible business. Leadership Conversations is hosted by Frederik Otto.


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