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Release of the 2023 Annual ESG Preparedness Report

sustainability report

We are delighted to announce the release of the much anticipated 2023 Annual ESG Preparedness Report. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the report, which has become a pivotal resource for boards and sustainability advisors worldwide.

This year's report is supported by Chapter Zero and provides an in-depth analysis of ESG oversight within major global corporations, with an additional focus on US boards. It highlights key trends, advancements and areas requiring urgent action:

  1. Remarkable Growth: Sustainability oversight in global corporations has soared to 88% from 50% in 2019.

  2. Urgent Need for Director Engagement: Despite progress, there's a stagnation in individual director involvement in ESG issues.

  3. Women Leading ESG Initiatives: Women board members are at the forefront of driving ESG engagement.

  4. US Boards embrace ESG: The top 100 US companies showcase strong ESG integration, but also lack director’s engagement.

  5. Call for Sustainable Leadership: The report emphasises the need for committed knowledgeable leadership in sustainability.

Visit our report website and download the report. Please also join our launch webinar on the 29th of November.


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