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Our Intelligence Unit provides benchmarks and custom research with a focus on corporate sustainable leadership and ESG preparedness.


Our analysis helps stakeholders assess businesses' and individual leaders' performance as it relates to their sustainability commitments, strategy and governance. We provide recommendations and work closely with stakeholders to identify key indicators and metrics.


We believe that accountability is critical to achieving sustainable outcomes, and we work to ensure that our assessments provide clear and actionable recommendations for improvement.



  • Overview of the organisation's impact and sustainable revenue generation

  • Details about E&S governance, board composition, and the disclosed ESG engagement of directors

  • Performance on sustainability/ESG strategy implementation, with a focus on management


  • An overview page as per the example shown

  • Score (not available to 3rd parties) and peer comparison (if data is available)

  • A summary of factors that are driving the score

  • Top 3 Recommendations

  • Observations of notable data points during the research period

  • ESG engagement details of executive team and board

  • Methodology disclosure

Typical Documents 

Usually the assessment requires some or all of the following documents:

  • Annual Report

  • Sustainability/ESG Report

  • Coporate Governance Report or Guidelines

  • Proxy Report (US focused)

  • Board Committee Charters

  • Organisational Chart

We can subsidise any lack of information or reports with stakeholder surveys. 


The output of every benchmark includes an initial data gathering session, a written report, and a presentation with findings and recommendations.

ESG Preparedness Assessment

Custom Research

In addition to the above capabilities, we can conduct mandated research that follows the same rigorous methodology and style as our reports.


This means that you can request a research project for a specific stock index, geography, or industry, among other options. While our standard sample size for companies or boards is 100, we can align our research to meet your individual requests.

Our research adheres to strict data quality and governance standards, ensuring accuracy and reliability in our findings

global with model

Create a Report Request

Please use the form on the right to submit your request for a specific Intelligence request.

We will get back to you with more details and an opportunity to schedule a call to discuss your requirement, capabilities, scope, fees and any questions you might have.

Thanks for submitting!

Use Cases

For Investors

As ESG factors become increasingly important for fiduciary duties and long-term (shareholder) value creation, investors need to understand good ESG corporate governance practices and pitfalls. TSB's reporting and advisory capabilities can provide detailed data on specific boards and help investors identify directors who are engaged in ESG issues, understand the quality of sustainability policies and compare them to peers and best practice. We also cut through the noise of annual and sustainability reports and focus on identifying areas of improvement for companies and improve accountability.

For Boards

Boards are ought to become more diverse and proficient in sustainability issues such as climate change, social concerns, and emerging technologies. Directors should understand their level of confidence overseeing these factors and consider seeking more information on how their businesses are affected by emerging opportunities and risks. TSB can provide a disclosure assessment of the state of ESG, how peers are performing, and provide recommendations to improve ESG engagement. This can improve a company's reputation, attract the kind of investors a company seeks, and mitigate risks

For Business Leaders

The governance landscape of businesses is changing, and boards will increasingly scrutinise management's execution and implementation of the sustainability/ESG agenda as part of corporate strategy. Business leaders, CEOs, and members of senior leadership teams should be prepared to work closely with their boards. TSB can help leaders anticipate upcoming areas where stakeholders will demand more rapid changes and provide recommendations for improving ESG practices and organisational design. Effective ESG engagement can lead to increased shareholder value, improved brand reputation, and reduced risks.

For Policy Makers

TSB has regular dialogues with business leaders, board directors, business schools, and the corporate governance consulting community. This enables us to reflect on feasibility of policy proposals. We can provide feedback and commentary on such.

Further, our database includes information on many large global organisations and their ESG oversight performance. That means that we are also tracking laggards and identify severe governance risks at times. We provide policymakers with information on these laggards with carefully vetted data points which can help shape policies that promote sustainability and responsible corporate behaviour.


  • Insights into the ESG engagement and disclosure quality of individual directors, whether for self-audit purposes, vetting or referencing

  • Using our ESG Engagement checklist as the foundational methodology, we can customise our assessment to home in on particular areas of interest


  • An overview page with bullet points of findings

  • Top 3 Recommendations

  • Observations of notable data points during the research period


Short report with findings and a feedback session with recommendations and follow-up.

Public Sustainable Leadership Profile

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