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Use Cases

We support various leaders in their sustainability and ESG journeys with useful best practice and thought leadership. We collaborate with business leaders, board advisors and academia to create meaningful, actionable, and potent narratives.

For Investors

Leading asset managers and large asset owners look ever more closely at board composition, competence, and overall corporate governance best practice. This is, as ESG factors and directors’ competency in this area becomes a more crucial part of fiduciary duties and long-term shareholder value creation. TSBR can help investors understand ESG policy on board level and identify competent directors. We provide detail data on specific boards on request.

For Corporate Board Directors

Boards are transforming to become more diverse, and proficient in material  sustainability issues, including specific topics such as climate change and  cybersecurity. Individual board directors should understand their level of confidence governing ESG factors and consider upskilling or seek more information on how affected their businesses are by emerging opportunities and risks. TSBR can outline a roadmap and checklist to individuals and connect them with domain experts.

For Business Leaders

The governance landscape of businesses is changing systematically. Boards will increasingly scrutinise management’s execution and implementation of a sustainability agenda as part of corporate strategy. Individual business leaders, CEOs, and members of senior leadership teams and executive committees should be preparing to work closer with their boards. TSBR can help business leaders anticipate the upcoming areas where investors and boards will zoom in and demand more rapid changes.

For Policy Makers

TSBR keeps a regular dialogue with business leaders, board members, business schools and the leadership and corporate governance consulting community. Our aim is to showcase different dimensions of sustainable corporate governance and business leadership. Since we combine theoretic concepts with actionable recommendations on business level, we can anticipate or help gather feedback from the business community on draft policy proposals.

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