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Sustainable Business Leadership in 2030

This report explores the future of sustainable business leadership. It seeks to understand what a plausible future of sustainable business leadership will look like in 2030, including what factors will influence it.


Making sustainability a core business strategy is now commonly regarded as best practice. Indeed, there is robust evidence to suggest that companies that embrace a sustainability agenda or strategy are more likely to thrive in the long term. From increased long term returns for shareholders, lower risk, and greater connection with incoming generations of consumers, it is clear that adopting a sustainable business strategy generates value.


But who will lead the agenda on sustainable business? Who are the players that might drive it? What systems and pressures will influence their actions? With our latest report exploring scenarios of sustainable business leadership in 2030, we want to showcase different opportunities and risks that lie ahead for leaders. We aim to provide a projection of the upcoming decade’s ESG and sustainability narrative in an organisational context and prepare for future leadership challenges.

Four Scenarios



ESG Intrapreneurs

Businesses cater to consumers or customers that are most concerned with their short-term consumption. Various individuals within organisations, advocate for their business to be designed more sustainably.

Leading Boards


Shareholders pressure companies to implement tight governance around sustainability. ESG aligned board of directors, committed chairs and educated board members drive a sustainable strategy.

Idealist CEOs


The need for breakthrough solutions to address climate change and social issues creates a market with ample opportunity for innovative and visionary entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

Governments and Stakeholders

Businesses are too slow to adopt a material sustainability agenda. Governments and other stakeholders proactively shape market rules and dynamics.

Pressure for Action

Pressure for Action

Executing the Sustainability Agenda



Sustainable Business Leadership in 2030 Scenario Report 2021

June 2021

Special Report, 27 Pages

This report explores the future of sustainable business leadership. It seeks to understand what the future of sustainable business leadership might look like in 2030, including what factors will influence it.

The scenarios discussed in this report have been designed to stretch the thinking of leaders, enabling them to contemplate events they may consider less plausible.


Scenario Report Cover.png

Interview with Andrew Kassoy
CEO and Co-Founder of B Lab

We sat down virtually with Andrew Kassoy of B Lab – the nonprofit behind the B Corp movement - to get his scenario of sustainable business leadership in 2030 and his vision of what it takes to get there.

This interview was conducted as part of our interview series with leaders whose input led to the development of the four scenarios.

Andrew K Pic.jpg

Virtual Roundtable

Our first (virtual) roundtable on the 1st of July 2021 was focused on "The Future of Sustainable Business Leadership'. We decided on this more generic headline to complement the scenario report.



Helle Bank Jørgensen
CEO of ESG Competent Boards


Meredith Sumpter
CEO of The Council for Inclusive Capitalism


Mike Rosenberg
Professor of the Practice of Management at IESE

Provide Feedback

Our findings and research are based on proprietary methodologies. Before drawing conclusions, we take academic papers and thought leadership into account. We aim to combine theoretic concepts with actionable recommendations on business level.

We encourage a dynamic ecosystem of guest- contributions and advice. Please contact us if you would like to join the conversation, or simply provide feedback.

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