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Sustainable Leadership: Evolving Roles of Corporate Boards
Micro Credential

By invitation only

This micro credential includes 2 full lessons from Module 3 - Governance of the CPD accredited Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate.


The learning outcome is to understand fundamentals of sustainable strategy oversight, and review the traditional board paradigm and evolved accountability of board directors.

Course Details

Key Facts

  • Self-paced online

  • Access and content available for 4 weeks

  • 2 full lessons

  • 2 renowned faculty leaders

  • 2-3 hours in total learning time

  • Includes videos, readings, reflections, exercises, and external resources

  • Receive a traceable online credential upon completion

  • Completely free when invited

Board Committee Chairs

Structure issues and sustainability governance 

Non-Executive Directors (NED) and Board Chairs

Upskill or update for sustainability oversight

General Counsels & Corporate Secretaries

Stay abreast of sustainability governance best practice

CEOs, Presidents and Owners

Understand the governance imperative of sustainability strategy

Who will benefit from the Course?

Why it is Important


of board directors have a formal ESG credential only


The Sustainability Board


of CEOs are implementing sustainability strategies across their entire business




of CEOs indicate that their current ESG progress is not strong enough to withstand scrutiny



of boards have sufficient ESG competence and experience to challenge management



Our Faculty of Experts

Jeannette Lichner

Jeannette Lichner

Chair, Non-Executive Director, Senior Advisor/Mentor/Coach, and Sustainability Champion

Beatriz Araujo

Beatriz Araujo

WEF Governance Expert

Former Head of Corporate Governance, Baker McKenzie

Changed roles of boards
Sustainability implications for directors
Best-in-class course platform

Learning Outcome: Understand fundamentals of sustainable strategy oversight. Review the traditional board paradigm and the evolved accountability of board directors.


  1. The new role of Boards

  2. Sustainability Governance

What you will Earn

Showcase your credentials in any official materials and LinkedIn


Do you have any questions?

  • We're offering this course to selected board members and chairs, who we believe will get value from the course.


  • The Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Certificate (SLPC) is the essential guide to senior leadership level ESG mastery – Comprehensive, Concise, and Contextual.


    It aims to enhance personal capacity to better lead a sustainable business.

    The course equips with the foundational knowledge needed to implement robust sustainability and ESG strategies and transformations.


    The course is designed to apply in a management and governance context, and is part of the Sustainable Leadership Preparedness Programme.


  • If we have offered to enroll you in the micro credential, you are not committed to anything.

    We want you to be part of The Sustainability Boards' network and appreciate any insights from your own context.


    We would also be delighted to discuss if we can help your board in any way through our TSB Global Advisors arm.


  • Please respond to the email you have received from one of our executive leaders, or click the button on the bottom of this page to send an email to our programme help desk.


  • We encourage you to promote your badge. You will also receive a trace link that validates the credential to 3rd parties.


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